Upcoming Guests

Each new Ken Boxer Live episode premiers every other Thursday evening  at 10 PM on TVSB-17. The following calendar lists the appearance dates of our upcoming guests.

Each new episode plays 14 times within the two-week period after its initial broadcast. Please see here for re-broadcast schedule.

In addition, we make each episode available on YouTube.  For links to these episodes, see the “KBL Video Archive” menu accessible near the top of most pages.

Note: The Google Calendar embedded below initially shows only the next 30 days of events. Please click the “Look for more” link  within the calendar to see our full schedule of future shows.

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Guests

  1. I’m trying to request 2 tickets for The Lou Gossett interview but it isnt appearing on your schedule.

    1. Norman, the Ken Boxer Live Lou Gossett Jr interview will probably occur on June 29th, 2015. Once all aspects of this interview are fully nailed down, we will add it to the schedule on this page. At that time, you can reserve tickets. Please check back here soon.

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