“Ken Boxer Live” TVSB-17 Air Times

The following provides the TVSB-17, Santa Barbara, air times for current and past Ken Boxer Live episodes.

(But don’t forget that you can always watch us anytime on YouTube.  For a complete YouTube Ken Boxer Live episode list, please scroll through our ‘All Episodes’ YouTube playlist.)

The most recent Ken Boxer Live episodes always air on TVSB-17 at these times:

Thursday, 10:00 pm  (generally, we premier new episodes at this time)
Saturday, 8:30 pm
Wednesday, 4:00 am
Thursday, 9:00 am

In addition to these TVSB-17 Ken Boxer Live presentation times of newly released episodes, past Ken Boxer Live  episodes run at various times throughout the week. For a complete list of all scheduled Ken Boxer Live episodes—both newly released and older episodes—please consult TVSB’s own listings.

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