Sponsor Enquiry

If you would like to help Ken Boxer Live–and help your business at the same time–please consider becoming one of our sponsors.  We offer some of the best rates available in the local media market.

Ken Boxer Live sponsors enjoy daily local television exposure along with a continual Internet presence since each episode is also available on YouTube.  As a sponsor, your logo, along with a verbal acknowledgement of it, appears prominently within each episode. Furthermore, your logo also appears prominently on the Ken Boxer Live website.

Considering the high caliber of our guests (see our homepage to view our top-notch previous guests and our upcoming guests) and the high quality of each episode’s production, our sponsors receive tremendous value–with rates that are extremely competitive.

Some sponsors contribute with dollars; other sponsors contribute with services. We’re open to either.

To contact us regarding your business’s becoming a sponsor, please fill out the following form.


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