Randy Gardner, Two-Time Olympian & World Champion Figure Skater–Guest 12/04/2014

Randy Gardner
Randy Gardner

For this episode we have a singularly exceptional guest–Randy Gardner, the former champion pair skater. Together with his long-time skating partner Tai Babilonia (who, as you know, happens to be our permanent KBL co-host), he won the 1979 World Figure Skating Championships and five U.S Figure Skating Championships from 1976 through 1980. Additionally, the duo qualified for the 1976 and 1980 Winter Olympics.

Tai and Randy began skating together when Tai was eight and Randy was ten. They became five-time U.S. national champions and won the gold medal at the 1979 World Championships. They were favorites to win a medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics but, tragically, were forced to withdraw, a result of a show-stopping injury to Randy.

Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner
Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner

Considering all the events Tai and Randy have shared throughout their professional lives–from their pre-teen years, through adolescents, and later young adulthood–this interview will have a bottomless well of possible directions.  And we plan to take you there.

Although Tai and Randy no longer professionally skate together, they will always remain tethered together, eternally skating  the magic they perfected, both within our collective memories and surely within our collective hearts. Expect a very memorable and poignant interview.

In place of our regular 30-minute interview format, in honor of this very special occasion–having Randy and Tai together–we will produce two 30-minute episodes. Please check our showtimes menu for scheduling details.

We have limited seating available for audience members. If you would like free tickets to our in-studio broadcast at the TVSB studios in Santa Barbara, please click here. This show tapes on Monday, December 1st. Audience members generally arrive by 6:30 pm and take their seats at 6:45 pm.

(This episode first airs Thursday, 12/04/2014, 10:00 PM, on TVSB-17, and is replayed numerous times throughout the following 14 days. You will find a complete schedule of times here. Additionally, a YouTube link to this episode, available about 24 hours before original airtime, will  display immediately below.)

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1 thought on “Randy Gardner, Two-Time Olympian & World Champion Figure Skater–Guest 12/04/2014

  1. Two of the most iconic skaters in the history of the sport. In addition, are two of the nicest, most humble people you will ever meet who still give back to their sport every chance they get. Truly class acts!!!

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