Kristy Swanson, Lead Role in 1992 Film “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”—Guest 06/04/2015

Kristy Swanson
Kristy Swanson

We have a great show for you. Our guest is Kristy Swanson, the talented and sexy film star who has graced our movie and television screens for decades. Ken and Tai have a host of tantalizing questions for this exciting star, questions that will bring out the true Kristy Swanson, as we welcome her to Ken Boxer Live.

Swanson is best known for her starring role in the 1992 Twentieth Century Fox film Buffy the Vampire Slayer, later spun off into the popular WB television series Buffy. “When the movie came out, it was enormously successful, and I was thrilled. At the time there were no films where girls had a heroine to look up to,” says Swanson. To this day the film remains a cult classic.

After starting her career at Hollywood’s The Actors Workshop with R. J Adams, her talent and good looks quickly moved her into television commercials and several television series, such as Cagney and Lacey and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In 1986, at the age of 17, she debuted in the acclaimed Pretty in Pink. Later that year Swanson received her first starring role in Deadly Friend, where she played “the girl next door.”

Swanson’s most critically acclaimed role is her portrayal of Kristen Connor, in Higher Learning, where she plays a student discovering her sexuality.

Kristy Swanson
in “Zebra Lounge”

In 2002 Swanson turned her attention to something a bit different, gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine, along with an eight-page pictorial spread. Reflecting on this, Swanson says, “I could not pass up the opportunity to work with the renowned photographer, Phillip Dixon, and by the look of my pictorial, I think I made the perfect choice.” Taking a quick peek at her pictorial, I must agree!

During the 2006 season of Skating with Celebrities, Swanson, paired with Olympian pair skater Lloyd Eisner, a personal friend of our own Olympian pair skater Tai Babilonia, took the crown, defeating five other teams. A romance between Swanson and Eisner ensued, and they later married.

This show will surely be fun and exciting so do not miss it.

(For more information about Kristy Swanson, please visit her website.)

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