Cherie Currie, Lead Vocalist of The Runaways—Guest 08/27/2015

Cherie Currie
Cherie Currie

We welcome our next guest Cherie Currie to Ken Boxer Live. An icon from the 70’s punk rock scene, Currie is best remembered as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the Runaways, a band that truly personified that era. Apart from her time with The Runaways, Currie is  known for her critically acclaimed role in the movie Foxes with Jodie Foster.

Joining The Runaways at the young age of 15, Currie was the inspiration behind their rock anthem “Cherry Bomb,” which was written for her. Many at the time saw her struttings across stage in her underwear as a symbol of the then-nascent women’s liberation movement, carving out new territories for female musicians. Others, however, had a more sober assessment, considering it more likely that her influence at that time was more hormonal, as amply demonstrated by her “agitated” and predominately male audience who, no doubt, had things on its collective mind other than music!

The Runaways,
“Cherry Bomb”

As is all too often the case with young celebrities in the various arts, Currie struggled with drug addiction during her younger years, which abruptly paused her career, a subject she covers in her memoir, Neon Angel.

So please join Ken and Tai for what promises to be an exciting and informative interview.

For further  information about Cherie Currie, please visit her website.

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