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Peter Noone, from 1960s Pop Group Herman’s Hermits—Guest 04/30/2015

Peter Noone
Peter Noone

The legendary and renowned Peter Noone, lead singer and songwriter of the 1960s pop group Herman’s Hermits, is our upcoming guest. Ken and Tai, along with the rest of the Ken Boxer Live crew, are thrilled he will be with us.

Herman’s Hermits was not just any band; they were an integral part of the British Invasion, a period during the mid-’60s when numerous across-the-Atlantic bands, such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Animals, and the Who, “invaded” America with their unique music. It’s hard to think of Herman’s Hermits without also mentally revisiting that time.

Those who remember this period easily recall the constant stream of new music continually advancing up the charts in an endless parade. Herman’s Hermits, as part of this invasion,  produced—in a dizzying short number of years—hit after hit, many of which today are classics. These include such remembrances as, “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter,” “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am,” “Silhouettes,” and “There’s a Kind of Hush.”

Peter Noone (1966)

During and after his Herman’s Hermits period, Noone appeared often on television—literally hundreds of programs—such as Ed Sullivan and Jackie Gleason. Additionally, during the 1970s, Noone as a solo act recorded numerous singles. And a decade beyond that, Noone showed his considerable acting skills, appearing as Frederic in the New York Shakespeare Festivals’ Broadway production of Pirates of Penzance. You may read more of Peter Noone’s biography at his Wikipedia page.

This promises to be a very exciting show. Please join us on TVSB-17 or YouTube.

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(This episode first airs Thursday, 04/30/2015, 10:00 PM, on TVSB-17, and is replayed numerous times throughout the following 14 days. You will find a complete schedule of times here. Additionally, a YouTube link to this episode, available about 24 hours before original airtime, will display immediately below.)