Kato Kaelin, O. J. Simpson Houseguest and Witness during the 1995 “Trial of the Century.” — Guest 12/25/2014

Kato Kaelin
Kato Kaelin

Ken and Tai warmly welcome our next guest, Kato Kaelin, a radio and television personality who gained worldwide fame as a witness during the 1995 O. J. Simpson murder trial. More recently, Kato has entered the men’s clothing business, currently promoting his own men’s clothing line,  Slacker.

Like the recent Oscar Pistorius trial in South Africa, a trial that mixed celebrity, sex, and privilege, the 1995 O. J. Simpson trial was that–and much more. The whole country seemed fixated on every aspect of the unfolding story. Indeed, even President Clinton admitted to changing his presidential schedule on the day of the verdict not to miss its reading.

Kato Kaelin - O.J Simpson Trial Witness
Kato Kaelin – O.J Simpson Trial Witness

From within this cultural petri dish, out stepped Kato. At the time of the murders, Kato was staying in Simpson’s guest house thereby witnessing some of Simpson’s movements before and after the murders. The prosecution called him as one of its witnesses. His goofy, slightly irreverent, almost cartoon-like court appearances added even more surreality to an already beyond-description national spectacle.  Ultimately the prosecution declared him a hostile witness.

All of us at Ken Boxer Live are looking forward to Kato’s appearance, which promises to be quite lively. Make sure you don’t miss it.

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