Businesswoman Vanessa Rivers, Guest on Sept 12th

Ken Boxer Live‘s next guest is the lovely Vanessa Rivers–noted business woman, surf and snowboard instructor, and travel blogger.

Vanessa Rivers
Vanessa Rivers

Daughter of producer Todd Fisher, step-daughter of soap queen Catherine Hickland, niece of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), and granddaughter of Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds, she (only half-jokingly) claims her biggest accomplishment is managing to be semi-normal despite her crazy celebrity family. You may read her full bio here.

We are thrilled to have Vanessa on our show discussing her latest and most successful business venture, her Happy Endingz line of Eco Swimwear (yes, we are talking about sexy bikinis). These swimwear have quickly become popular, many suspect, because of their unique, sexy “butterfly cut” bottoms. A quick browse of her web site, butterflies flying everywhere, makes one tend to agree!


Although the word “eco” in her product line refers to the environment (her products are made from recycled materials), she was forward-thinking enough to realize that eco doesn’t have to mean “granola, hippie, and boring”; instead, it can mean “sexy, fun, and cutting edge.” Well, she succeeded. The least-likely words anyone would ever think of using when referring to her sexy product line are “granola, hippie, and boring.”

We look forward to Vanessa’s appearance. You won’t want to miss this episode of Ken Boxer Live. (Airs September 12th, 10:00 PM, TVSB-17)

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