Former CNN Correspondent Bella Shaw, Guest 09/26/2013

Bella Shaw - CNN - 1989 Chinese Protests
Bella Shaw – CNN – 1989 Chinese Protests

Next week’s guest is former CNN Headline News anchor Bella Shaw, a truly quintessential journalist. Her time at CNN includes many of the cataclysmic events in recent memory, such as the Challenger explosion, the Chinese rebellion culminating in the Tienanmen Square massacre, and the break-up of the Soviet empire and its satellites. Having a front-row seat to these unfolding event, Ms. Shaw, no doubt, has much to tell us about those exciting, tumultuous times.


After leaving CNN, Ms. Shaw took her television skills to new areas.  Currently she is in great demand hosting  national infomercials. She is also the producer and hostess of a video company, BZS,  where she produces videos of herself interviewing business owners for their web sites and other social media. You can learn more here:  (Airs September 26th, 10:00 PM, TVSB-17)

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