Shannon Loar-Coté, Local Modeling and Beauty Entrepreneur, Guest 10/10/2013

Opening Ceremonies

Our next guest on Ken Boxer Live is Shannon Loar-Coté, a former international model and actress and the founder of Hello Gorgeous Models, a Santa Barbara-based modeling and talent agency. Over the years her work, which includes producing and directing fashion shows and art events,  has graced the covers of magazines worldwide as well as locally.  Additionally, Shannon owns a beauty company, Blush & Lashes, where she works behind the camera as a make-up artist and a lash extensionist, specializing in art direction and photo styling. Also she produced the “Blush & Lashes Live Pinup Show,” filmed for a trailer of “Vintage Living” for possible airing on the Travel Channel.

Shannon with KEYT Personality John Palminteri, a previous “Ken Boxer Live” Guest.

Most of the models at Hello Gorgeous Models work with Shannon in her photo shoots and other events. Shannon’s opening a talent agency in Santa Barbara has fulfilled a legitimate local need that had been sorely lacking. (Airs October 10th, 10:00 PM, TVSB-17).

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