Former World Champion Surfer Shaun Tomson – Guest 01/30/2014

 Shaun Tomson

Shaun Tomson

We have another terrific guest for Ken Boxer Live. Joining us is former World Champion Surfer Shaun Tomson, considered one of the architects of professional surfing. Back in 1975 Shaun was the world surfing champion. More recently he has written a book, The Code, which he  will discuss with us.  Additionally, he is in a soon-to-be-released  documentary, A Life Outside, to be showcased during the upcoming 2014 Santa Barbara Film Festival. Shaun will highlight with us his part in this documentary along with, of course, his magnificent surfing videos.

Shaun Tomson is listed as one of the 25 most influential surfers of the century and as one of the 10 greatest surfers of all time. During his career he has been both the youngest and oldest surfer to win a pro event.

Shaun Tomson Surfing

Shaun Tomson Surfing

Shaun also speaks around the country about the tragic loss of his young son. For further biographical information, please see his Wikipedia entry. We look forward to meeting and talking with him about these topics and more.

(This episode first airs Thursday, 01/30/2014, 10:00 PM, on TVSB-17, and is replayed numerous times throughout the succeeding 14 days. Please check TVSB-17 listings for exact times. Furthermore, a link to this episode on YouTube is generally first available here on this website about 24 hours before original airtime.)

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